Exchange Policy


We appreciate your interest in learning more about Adiwaa's exchange policy. We value customer satisfaction and work to make sure that buying online is easy. But if you're not happy with the products, we go above and beyond to make things right.

We accept exchange under the following circumstances in order to ensure that you have a positive shopping experience:

  1. Fittings: If the product does not fit you properly, you can request an exchange for a different or custom size.
  2. Color Change: If you wish to exchange the product for a different color, you can do so.
  3. Defected products: If the product you received has a flaw, you can request an exchange. In order to prevent the error from happening again, we will replace the product with a new one.
  4. Any Other Reason: Adiwaa allows exchanges for other valid reasons as well. Please get in touch with us at for more details on how to opt for exchange in such a circumstance.

You can choose between two methods to initiate an exchange. The first option is to reach out to us through email, while the second option is to select the 'Request An Exchange' feature in our Support section.

To request an exchange via email, follow these steps:

  1. Contact us at within 21 days of delivery to initiate the exchange process.
  2. Provide necessary details like the order number, product information, and reason for the exchange.
  3. Adiwaa's customer support will guide you through the exchange process and provide further instructions.

To request an exchange via Request An Exchange option, follow these steps:

  1. Select 'Request An Exchange' option from our Support section within 21 days of delivery to initiate the exchange process.
  2. Select the products from your order that you would like to exchange. 
  3. Adiwaa's customer support will guide you through the exchange process and provide further instructions.

Things to keep in mind before placing for an exchange

When placing an exchange for products received from Adiwaa there are several important factors to consider. Please make sure that you take care of the following factors:

  1. Unused and Unwashed Products: Ensure that the products you wish to return or exchange are in their original condition and have not been used or washed. We won’t be able to process returns or exchanges for products that show signs of wear or damage.
  1. Original Packaging: It's advisable to retain the original packaging of the product, including tags, labels, and any accompanying items. We require the items to be sent to us in their original packaging for a successful exchange.
  1. Exchange Requested after 21 Days of Delivery: Adiwaa has a specified time frame within which exchange requests must be made. If you wish to exchange a product, ensure that you initiate the process within the designated time limit, which may be 21 days from the date of delivery. Failure to do so may result in the request being declined.
  1. Previously Exchanged Outfits: If you have already exchanged a particular outfit once, it's possible that Adiwaa will not accept another exchange for the same item.   

We hope this information clarifies our exchange policy for products you received from Adiwaa. Our number one priority is for you to have a hassle-free online shopping experience, and we want to make sure that happens. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have, and we will be happy to help.